Tiny Bouquet No. 89

Sträußchen Nr. 89

2023 – what can I say? It was a lackluster year, that I will remember as twelve months of tiredness while being fed up.
I got older, but not wiser. There are many things in my life to be grateful for. And, believe me, I am. Yet, deep down in the dark corners of my mind I´m angry. Regrettably that is not a good thing to be. It is not only futile – I can´t change a thing, but also saps energy. That is something I can no longer afford, therefore my mantra for 2024 will be „inner peace“, though I´m not half as furry as Shifu.

The future is bleak, so let us hope for the best.

A bunch of clover and pink flowers in a vase made from a bottle cork. Two toadstools sit on the rim. Pigs are foraging next to more corks.
Cheers! May slightly inebriated pigs and wilting clover bring luck and prosperity!