Colour Bliss #15

Farbenfreude #15

Vienna is depressingly gray from December to March. In a city plagued by high inversion fog winter can be damned boring. The only animals I encounter regularly are other people´s dogs and pigeons. I draw the line at approaching strangers to ask permission to take pictures of their dog. So pigeons it is.

It helps that Vienna has no shortage of a bird that is often referred to as „flying vermin“ or „rats with wings“. Which is a bit unfair to the poor pigeons. At first glance they may seem uniformly gray, but look closer and you will realize that their plumage varies from individual to individual.
City pigeons seem to be keen pedestrians. Unsurprisingly photos of tarmac and manhole covers proved a good match. And once again I delved into my stash of wool …

What a pretty neck! Violet and sea-green feathers enliven the plumage of otherwise slightly drab pigeons. Birdwatching inspired yet another woolly colour palette.
Feathered friend, what pretty eyes you have! | Detail of a manhole cover.
Mended tarmac. | Gray feathers: perfect camoflage in an urban environment.
Pigeons with plumage in lovely shades of reddish brown are relatively rare. | Detail of a manhole cover.
An arrow indicating the direction of traffic. | A sleepy pigeon.
The feathers of this pigeon reminded me of cobblestones. | Small cobblestones arranged in a fan-shaped pattern.
A perforated manhole cover. | These subtly striped feathers were not enough to tempt a hen, uninterested she wandered away . The male pigeon strutted, puffed its breast and spread its tailfeathers in vain.

Tiny Bouquet No. 72

Sträußchen Nr. 72

Well, the old year is gone, its miserable corpse falling to dust unmourned.
The new year rises amidst the foul stench of spent fireworks and alcohol, shakes off the confetti and ambles on wobbly legs into an uncertain future.

A tiny bouquet of yellow and blue flowers jutting out of a dry seedhead shaped like an  umbrella. At the foot of the vase, wrapped in a page of  an old calender, empty bottles glint in shades of yellow, blue and purple.
Tiny Bouquet No. 72: A firework of flowers hovers above a dry seedhead, but the party is over.